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  • Filosofem lies on the most chaotic and turbulent era in Varg’s career, and rather than reflect the chaotic horror of a mind of a man who has just murdered someone it rather reflects the sedated mourning voice of someone being punished for their beliefs. Yet rather than go out with a whimper of fatalistic anguish, Filosofem reflects Varg’s dark promise that his soul and vision will haunt us long after he’s been sent to the grave.Filosofem is like a witch’s last words before death, a downward spiral of musical depression, yet coated from beginning to end with the feeling of resurrection, or being reborn someway.However broad or narrow-minded your tastes in black metal may be, whether you’re for progression or traditionalism, there’s no denying the pure power this cd has. Containing the spirit of black metal, yet in some ways this cd doesn’t sound at all like conventional metal, but perhaps something new and different altogether. The guitar style is definately not your typical headbanging riffs. There’s a very “grungy” feel, as if every instrument has been coated in a layer of dust and decay, which is what I believe was the intended atmosphere, as the layers upon layers of guitar distortion wash through each track in an ambient drone. “Dunkelheit” a very dark track and one of Burzum’s best, showcases this minimalist drone sound through a landscape of morbid decay with just a few simple main riffs and a ghostly xylophone echoing the melody. His ode to “darkness” rasps through his new industrial sounding vocal style, very different from his tormented screams of past albums, and sounding somewhere on a line between whispering and screaming. The next two tracks continue in this hypnotic drone style, although not as powerful as the opener. The later half of the cd is where things start(purposefully) becoming disconnected, and we are lost in a long downward spiral of ambient instrumentation and dispair, the conclusion of our last bitter glance at the world.Now I definitely don’t claim to agree with this man’s racist and anti-satanist attitude, but there’s no denying the sheer genius within his tormented mind and how he’s changed the world of dark pagan music forever.

    Posted on January 7, 2010