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Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

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  • This is the third release from one of my favorite bands Seether. The band has changed a lot from Karma (Pat Callahan, Shaun Morgans Rehab) and it’s mostly for the good. This is one of their stronger release, it sound quite like their first release.

    Here’s a break down of the songs

    Like Suicide 10/10 – This song is exactly what I think of when I think of Seether, great guitar riffs and a catchy chorus.

    Fake It 9/10 – Very catch but doesn’t sound like the classic Seether. After hearing the song 20 times it tends to get a bit Repetitive.

    Breakdown 10/10 – Very sad song (The sun is gone, and the flowers rot). The first time i heard this song I thought I was listening to Breaking Benjamin. But this song has all the elements of an Amazing Seether song (great lyrics, great guitar riffs)

    FMLYHM 10/10 – Reminds me of my last girlfriend. I like songs I can relate to. Has a very catch chorus and is very interesting.

    Fallen 7/10 – This is one of the weaker songs on the Cd. It has weak guitars (a lot of the parts don’t even have guitar on them) just a very forgettable song.

    Rise Above This 5/10 – My least favorite song on the CD. This song was written about Eugene Welgemoed before his death. It’s (this is going to sound bad) Optimistic. It just don’t fit on this CD. The guitars are weak and the lyrics don’t sound like Seether.

    No Jesus Christ 10/10 – A much needed heavy point on the CD. One of the best songs on this Cd. The guitars are very unique, amazingly catchy riff. The premise behind the song just makes it stand out on here.

    6 Gun Quota 9/10 – Catchy, classic Seether. The guitars aren’t amazing but the lyrics counteract that.

    Walk Away From The Sun 10/10 – This is my favorite song on the CD. This reminds me of Songs like Plastic Man, and Broken(without Amy Lee) it should have been at the end. Shaun makes this one of the most emotional songs he has ever written.

    Eyes of the Devil 10/10 – Another classic Seether song. The perfect balance of lyrical amazement and catch guitar riffs. This song if perfect after Walk Away From The Sun, it continues on that emotional path.

    Don’t Believe 10/10 – This song could have been off of Disclaimer. Perfect mix of heavy, distorted guitars and catchy riffs.

    Waste 9/10 – This song starts off and sounds like Pink Floyd. Has some of the best lyrics on the CD and amazing guitars. Great close to the CD.

    so overall 109/120 = 9/10 = 4.5 rounded up to 5 Stars

    Posted on March 1, 2010