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Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

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  • The only real rock station left in DC (DC101) recently has been playing Seether’s cover of George Michael/Wham’s “Careless Whisper”. When I first heard it, had no idea who the group was, but as a George Michael fan, knew I had to get it. One pm the dj spilled the beans & found out it was Seether, and that you have to get a recent copy of the cd if you want “Careless Whisper” — apparently the original release does not include it. I got my copy of “Finding Beauty…” at my local Best Buy this pm, the plastic wrap has a maroon sticker with white text that reads, ‘Includes the hidden track “Careless Whisper”‘. So if you were thinking of buying this cd & want the GM cover, be sure to look for the maroon & white sticker, or you’ll be ripped off!

    The “hidden track” actually appears twice — Trk 13 is “Careless Whisper Cut 1″ (5:01), Trk 14 is “Careless Whisper Cut 2″ (4:24). I can’t detect much difference between the two, other than “Cut 1″ sounds a little strange (like a broken cd) before the fade-out…. “Cut 2″ seems to be the version they play on the radio.

    Disclaimer, was not previously familiar with the band or their other records, though the name was familiar. As for the rest of the album, if you like good hard rock you should like this. (WinAmp lists genre as “Post-Grunge Alternative Rock”, whatever that means….) In particular “Fake It” (also heard on radio, catchy), “FMLYHM”, “No Jesus Christ” are all notable. The whole cd rocks. This is not a case where you feel like you got ripped off buying a cd for one track & then the rest sucks…

    Recommended for all you hard-rockin’ George Michael fans out there — this is right up there with Limp Bizkit’s “classic” remake of “Faith”….

    Posted on March 1, 2010