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Finger Eleven

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  • Finger Eleven’s new album is more thoughtful and softer than The Greyest of Blue Skies or Tip. It still keeps to the F11 style, only gone on a more emotional adventure than their previous albums. Of course, TGOBS is my favourite CD by these guys, but they are still progressing so you have to give this album a chance. Here is my review of their self-titled album.1. Other Light- Short, but a good way to open the new CD. 7/102. Complicated Questions- One of my favourite songs on the album. Scott does an amazing job on the vocals. 9/103. Stay in Shadow- Another awesome song. It’s like the Drag You Down, except it’s not as heavy. 8/104. Good Times- Like every CD when it comes out, this was the first single so I tend to skip over it, but still a cool song. 6/105. Absent Elements- Definitely in my top three. This song blows me away, I can’t think of any way to describe it. The lyrics are really deep. 10/106- Thousand Mile Wish- Pretty good song 6/107- Conversations- One of my least favourites 4/108- Last Scene of Struggling- Haven’t heard it enough, but it’s pretty cool. 6/109- Panic Attack- AMAZING SONG!!!! 9/1010- Therapy- Probably my favourite song on the CD. This song is so deep. I loved it the first time I heard it. 11/1011- One Thing- A great softer song. 8/1012- Obvious Heart- it doesn’t have the same closing impact as Stay and Drown, but it’s a good song nonetheless. 8/10Like I said it’s not as good as their last, and it’s much softer, but in a good way, like White Pony was to Deftones.

    Posted on November 12, 2009