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Finger Eleven

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  • This is a great release from start to finish, but I’m still not quite sure of how I feel about it. It’s got its songs that are truly amazing, but it’s also got its songs that are relative duds. I would write them off as just another new band trying to be something they’re not, but there’s just too much diversity on this CD to be another typical rock band. This band has depth, which a lot of bands nowadays don’t. When Finger Eleven is on, they’re on. When they’re not, it’s nothing great. But luckily for us, they’re on for about 90% of this CD.

    The thing that sets this band apart from others is their range. They have songs that can make you rock your head, but then they have songs that are heartfelt and touching. One Thing, their single as of now, is one of those heartfelt songs. The simplicity of this song is why I like it so much. It’s just emotional enough that you can feel the pain of the lyrics, but it’s not sappy enough to make you cringe when you hear it. Thousand Mile Wish is another slow song that pushes the boundaries of sorrow. It’s really a touching love song, and the acoustics make the song that much better. Complicated Questions is one of the harder songs on here. The guitar work is ear-catching, and the vocals are extremely original. Definitely one of the best on here.

    A few of the best songs on here are Complicated Questions, Absent Elements, Thousand Mile Wish, and The Last Scene Of Struggling. All in all, this is a solid release. There are two duds on this CD, and that’s really about it. All the others have something that makes it great. Finger Eleven have a very distinctive sound, and that’s why I think they’ll be around for quite a while.

    Posted on November 12, 2009