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Finger Eleven

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  • Finger Eleven are one of those bands that has been under the radar for years. Their first two albums barely could crack the charts and it took almost 6 years for them to finally breakthrough with the single “One Thing.” Over the past 8 months, this CD has steadily become a favorite of mine. It is extremely addictive and the songs get stuck in your head for days. To further my appreciation and newfound respect for the boys in F11, I saw them live last night, as support for Trapt & Smile Empty Soul — those two bands delivered exceptional performances, but in their meager 5 song set, Finger Eleven totally blew them out of the water. They hold up just as well (maybe even better) live as on CD. I own all three Finger Eleven albums, and I must say, this is their best to date. It is full of infectious hooks, deep and often clever lyrics and accomplished musicianship. To say they sold out is just ignorant. The band have opened the door on a whole new sound; and if anything, the music on here is more intense than before. Hard rockers like “Stay In Shadow” and “Other Light” build on ear-catching riffs and are complimented nicely by slow ballads like “One Thing” and “Thousand Mile Wish.” The closer, “Obvious Heart” stands as a favorite track, as do “Good Times,” “Absent Elements” and “Complicated Questions.” If you’ve been a fan of Finger Eleven for a while, give this disc a chance. If you ignore it because it is getting radio attention, you’re only depriving yourself of a great piece of music. For anyone that can appreciate alternative/hard-rock, I recommend this. Hopefully Finger Eleven aren’t dropped by their label like other bands that aren’t instantly platinum sellers, but have been mainstays at their labels (the recent Cold/Geffen Records departure comes to mind). This band deserves to be heard.

    Posted on November 12, 2009