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Finger Eleven

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  • Alright, so I first heard “Good Times” on the soundtrack of EA Sports’ SSX3, and fell in love with “One Thing” on the radio. The problem is, people don’t like to admit that songs like these two are melodic, catchy, and just plain good. “Good Times” and “Other Light” still have the feel of a not-so-mainstream rock album, while some of the others, mainly the two acoustic songs, have the ability to catch the ears of those who previously were not Finger Eleven fans.

    My main argument is that people today are selfish, because they want a band all to themselves. Finger Eleven used to be your band, right? And then they sold out, right? WRONG. Just because they’re on the radio does not mean they are any worse than they were before. It means they are icreasing their range of sounds and their number of fans. It’s a matter of growth.

    Get the cd, it’s worth it. It’s ok to buy it because you heard the songs on the radio…geez.

    Posted on November 12, 2009