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Finger Eleven

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  • Finger Eleven is a perfect example of a band that is dedicated to their craft unlike any other. Their first effort (as Finger Eleven), “Tip”, was a blistering tour de force of hard rock mixed with unforgettable lyrical hooks and flowing melody. But it was nothing more than a preview of what was to come. “The Greyest of Blue Skies” was an amazing sophomore album, layering waves of sonic hammering with the best of Scott Anderson’s poignant lyrics. And now, “Finger Eleven”, the latest release from this proudly Canadian quintet, is poised to take the rock world by storm. The combination of Rich Beddoe’s thundering drums, Sean Anderson’s throbbing bass and some truly phenomenal guitar interweaving from Rick Jackett and James Black, the band provides an excellent platform to support Scott Anderson’s unique vocal work, his best yet. If you like alternative rock with a hard edge, you need to pick up this disc. As a bonus, it includes a limited edition DVD of the band performing tracks live in Buffalo, NY and provides a great inside look behind the scenes of the making of this album. And now, a quick track by track breakdown (haven’t listened enough to REALLY critique the tracks, just got it today):1. Other Light (9/10): Good vocal hook, solid guitar work.2. Complicated Questions (8/10): Familiar F11 sound, yet subtly different.3. Stay in Shadow (10/10): Easily one of the 10 best ever by F11.4. Good Times (10/10): Amazing chorus, great flow to the song.5. Absent Elements (8/10): Very cool song, particularly in the second verse-to-end range.6. Thousand Mile Wish (10/10): Softer side of F11, but definitely welcome — lyrics really shine here.7. Conversations (7/10): Fast paced, yet simple. Good song, not great.8. The Last Scene of Struggling (9/10): Hidden gem on the disc, great guitar/bass/drum combinations showcase the talent this band has.9. Panic Attack (9/10): Great staccato vocal rhythms combined with hammering guitar and drum work make this a memorable track.10. Therapy (9/10): Good song about how close friends can carry you through the rough spots. Heartfelt lyrics, great rhythms.11. One Thing (10/10): Second acoustic track on the disc, and you can already see the lighters in the air when you close your eyes. AMAZING track about regretting what you missed out on.12. Obvious Heart (9/10): Great closer to the disc — vintage F11 sound.Overall Score: 9/10If you like alternative rock that doesn’t sound like it was just thrown together in a weekend, this disc is for you. If you like meaning in the lyrics of the songs you listen to, this disc is for you. If you like Finger Eleven already, well…rejoice, your wait is over. This is the best they’ve ever been.

    Posted on November 12, 2009