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  • First, let me get this said: I love Rainbow. I found out about Deep Purple because I was a Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow fan first. I still think Rising, Long Live Rock n Roll and most of Down To Earth are great records. I only recently began to appreciate On Stage (which is excellent!) and the first album with Man On the Silver Mountain. I always liked things like “Jealous Lover” and “Stone Cold” with Joe Lynn Turner. But this record is awful, horrible, and an embarrassment. It doesn’t do the band justice, and if it DOES, then it’s no wonder Ritchie pulled the plug on it. If this was the only post-Purple Blackmore ever heard, I’d think he was the weakest member of Deep Purple and you would be hard pressed to prove otherwise. Joe Lynn Turner sounds ridiculous, even by 80s standards, and Graham Bonnet is no better. (I saw Bonnet on the Down To Earth tour, and he was a major disappointment to the fans and to Ritchie on that show.) Too bad…let sleeping dogs lie if this is the best the “archives” have to show us; let us remember these line-ups for their great records instead of these lame live performances. Call it: FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN.

    Posted on November 23, 2009