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Fire Down Under

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  • It might be hard to tell younger generations of metalheads how brilliant and innovative “Fire Down Under” was upon its release. At the time, “True” metal came from over the pond,in the form of JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and MOTORHEAD. American made “metal” meant, at the time, VAN HALEN, FOREIGNER and JOURNEY! Not that these bands were bad, but,despite their rocking musical delivery, they were a far cry from the blood & guts rock style of their british counterparts. Enter RIOT, a new york metal band that had a sonic attack more akin to that of the then fledging NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL. RIOT had already released 2 albums, “Rock City” and “Narita” which showed much promise but lacked consistence. Their 3rd release, “Fire Down Under” finally solidified that promise, making it one of the most revered metal albums ever. From the bone crunching, yet clear production, to the top notch writing abilities of the band, RIOT showed american (and worldwide audiences) that they could rock even harder than the british. “Swords & Tequila” opens the album with a blast; the type of metal that passed unheard during the glam metal 80’s and that would become a major influence to rising thrash and power metal bands. The title track burns even hotter and the list goes on; “Fire Down Under” is that rare case where there is not one single filler song. Every song on this album ROCKS! The CD includes some bonus tracks that, somehow, lack the spark that the rest of the album has, but are worthy nontheless. “Altar Of The King”, “Run For Your Life”, “Lies”, “Outlaw”, etc…it’s hard for me to explain in words how monumental this album is. For metal heads searching for that “vintage” sound (albeit, european sounding metal!), look no further; “Fire Down Under” is probably one of the hardest metal albums done by an American band in the early 80’s (before the Thrash explosion, of course!). Buy or DIE!!!

    Posted on December 29, 2009