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Fire Down Under

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  • Very rarely does an album immediately(1st listen) blow my mind. When I first heard RIOT-”Fire Down Under” I was younger and a ritualistic pothead. I’ll never forget sitting back, stoned, and hearing ‘Outlaw’ for the first time. ‘Outlaw’ was only the 4th track on “Fire Down Under”, but I already sensed this album(back then I had it on vinyl) would be worn out (from over-playing) within a few months. Luckily for the vinyl, I got the album on cassette(so I could play air-guitar while driving), and eventually CD, so the record was spared. But in all sincerity, if you have never heard Riot, or are considering buying a Riot album, start with “Fire Down Under”. With a little green and an open mind, you’ll soon be humming every track off this incredible album!!! A true metal classic for the ages…Swords and Tequila, keep on carryin’ through the night as a constant reminder of the power of well crafted hard rock…Luckily, Riot blessed us with many other great albums(despite vocalist changes and the difficulty in getting Riot’s 2nd album “Narita” on CD for under $50)and still remain one of my ALL-TIME favorite rock groups in general. If you’re a metal/hard rock/stoner rock/fan, DO NOT PASS UP “Fire Down Under”!!! It’s mandatory metal and a great musical drug for all ages.

    Posted on December 30, 2009