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  • What an album.With the exception of “Anyone’s Daughter”, which is amusing but not really a hard rock song, this album is flawless. Every thing works on this album, from the organ melodies of Jon Lord (which are never over-bearing), to the guitar acrobatics of Ritchie Blackmore, the musicianship on this album is exceptional; raw, yes, but still exceptional. You have got to give it to Ian Gillan for his performance here. His singing is quite charismatic, and the lyrics are often irreverent and hilarious. The whole band seems to have a really cocky attitude on this album, and that attitude is exemplified with Gillan’s over-the-top vocals.All I can really say is… Goddamn the Mark 2 line up put out great music.Buy this album, or steal it if you have to.On a side note, the UK version of Fireball has the track “Demon’s Eye” instead of “Strange Kinda Woman”, which is included on the US and Japanese releases. This track is awesome, and worth having, so if you are planning on buying either domestic version of this CD, I would suggest also purchasing their best-of, “Deepest Purple”, for that track. Or you could always get the 25th anniversary edition….

    Posted on February 6, 2010