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  • Every form, offshoot and genre of rock and roll has been rehashed a thousand times over. It’s not the notes and arrangements as much as it is what the individual brings to them. Call it chemistry or magic. It’s in the heart, not the hands. In part, that’s why I’ve never understood the ballyhooed criticism of “they sound like__________[fill in the blank]and are therefore a ___________knock-off” leveled by many who themselves listen to and laud music that is equally derivative. Everything, including all music, is derivative, hence the point becomes: does the band bring any magic to it?

    Witchcraft makes no bones about their retro circa early 70s Black Sabbath, Pentagram[AKA Shades of Darkness]vibe. Sure, there’s the unmistakable hue of Budgie and Tull, yet they bring something unique to it.

    “No bones” means they don’t make any obvious detractions that a lot of bands would in order to avoid unseemly “categorization.” The sound of Witchcraft breaks out the double-bubble bong, brings on the heavy, weaves a mystic spell of vintage sounds, Sabbathsaurus riffs and hooks. Good for them. And good for those who groove on that sound because they really know how to deliver the goods.

    Admittedly, I don’t think their follow up, “Firewood,” is quite as remarkable as their s/t, but man, that’s nitpicking! It’s still heads above most of the ‘new’ stuff. If you like Witchcraft, make sure to check out[also from Switzerland]the reasonably priced s/t from BURNING SAVIOURS![where's the vinyl?!] Thus far, Amazon isn’t carrying it, so you can find it at the All That’s Heavy online store, or Brainticket Records. You will not be disappointed!

    Posted on January 14, 2010