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Fistful of Metal

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  • Pioneering early 80’s thrash metal from Anthrax that, while lacking in the production department, exudes energy, excitement and power. Original singer Neil Tubin’s only disc (before being replaced by Joey Belladonna), his vocal performance ranks up their with the genre’s best. Also in the band was bassist Dan Lilker, who went on to to form S.O.D. Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth. The disc is a thrash metal classic with balls to the wall tracks “Deathrider”, “Metal Thrashing Mad” and “Anthrax”. Maximum damage done despite the terrible, hide-the-guitar production from Carl Cannedy (who at the time was fronting his own band called The Rods). Without question, this was Anthrax’s finest hour (“Among The Living” running 2nd) and an essential disc to have in your thrash metal collection.

    Posted on December 4, 2009