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Fistful of Metal

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  • this is the most over looked thrash album in my opinion, every one has listened to “kill em all” “killing is my buisness” and even some have listend to “show no mercy”, fistful of metal seemed to get overlooked in favor of those aformentioned titles.
    this is simply pure thrash, plain and simple, it’s one of the most brutal thrash assaults too, anthrax would never sound like this w/ later albums, this hardly sounds like anthrax at all, it sounds more like nuclear assault in my opinion. songs like “deathrider” “metal thrashing mad” “the subjugator” and “soilders of metal” will just kick your @$$. neil turbin is like an american rob halford, he definatly has the highest flassetto voice of any thrash vocalist. like the title sujests, the more you become familiar w/this album the more you will enjoy it.

    Posted on December 4, 2009