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  • The 2 people (or is it 1 double posting) on here who say George Michael can’t sing are talking nonsense. OK, you’re Queen fans and in your eyes and mine nobody can ever replace Freddy, fair enough, but to say George Michael can’t sing is like saying Posh Spice CAN!! It’s absurd. I am a massive fan of Queen and on the day of the Tribute Concert it became all too apparent that none of the artists performing could hold a candle to Freddy for sheer vocal ability and performance, then right near the end of the concert George Michael took to the stage. WOW!!! Is all I can say, he nailed it. George sang his butt off that day and you could see and sense the crowd at Wembley appreciating someone who could actually pull it off. They loved it, I loved it and if you don’t own this CD you will love it too. This is a fine performance from a fine singer. End of story.

    Posted on December 31, 2009