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Five Man Acoustical Jam

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  • One of the more annoying trends of the early ’90’s (along with the dominance of grunge) was to have artists “unplug” their music and show a more “sensitive” side to things. It was so contrived and unspontaneous that it became downright tedious. However, before any of that happened, one of the greatest, most underrated hard rock bands in history decided to unplug–and did so with great success. This album is anything but contrived, and despite it’s unplugged nature is still quite rocking. I was instantly blown away when I heard the opening track “Comin’ Attcha Live” break into “Truckin’” (and I’m not even a Grateful Dead fan). Same thing when “We Can Work It Out”–a great Beatles’ cover–turns into the classic “Signs”, which Tesla has made a legendary hit of their own. It is remarkable to hear the way such songs as “Before My Eyes” and “Paradise” came across accoustically as compared to their electronic counterparts. Just an incredibly spirited performance from a band that has always done it right. Now, 11 years after this release, I look forward to an electric double-CD set from this band that will be out soon. Tesla is indeed back together! For me, they never truly went away, with masterpieces such as this.

    Posted on March 4, 2010