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Five Man Acoustical Jam

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  • Recorded at Trocadero Club in Philladelphia on July 2 1990, Five Man Acoustical Jam is – from my personal point of view- a precursor and probably the musical idea that generated the “unplugged” concept which would be developed by you know who shortly afterwards.Tesla delivers an acoustical set, if not brilliant, adequate and well performed. The best tracks are the obvious hits “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Love Song”. Due to the lack of musical background – at that time- of the band, Tesla intelligently supports the show with pleasant acoustic versions of rock classics such as the Rolling Stones’ “Mother Little Helper”, CCR’s “Lodi” and prominently “Signs” originally recorded by the obscure act Five Man Electrical Band which became the album’s major hit.Five Man Acoustical Jam in short, is an enjoyable record without big pretension. The ideal CD to listen to on any given hot summer afternoon with a cold six pack next to your favorite couch.

    Posted on March 4, 2010