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  • Whenever I think of Broken and Fixed, I want to make a “If it’s not broke…” joke, but I’ll restrain myself. I always thought Fixed was an interesting name for the remixes of Broken. Granted, “Fixed” is the opposite of “Broken”, but these are anything BUT fixed.Trent and company DEMOLISH six tracks from Broken (Gave Up, Last, Wish x2 and Happiness In Slavery x2). These tracks all have a few things in common: you will be hard-pressed to identify the original song if you don’t have the tracklisting in front of you, and they tend to be repetitive. Some tracks just drone on at points, but they always pick up again. Don’t even attempt to listen to this while going to sleep; there are MANY layers to these tracks, and there’s weird stuff going on in the background that will make you jump.Some songs, one of the Wish remixes for example, have samples in them that will COMPLETELY catch you off guard, and you might even chuckle about them later. NIN obviously had a lot of fun putting this together, but this definitely is the hardest-to-swallow NIN album to date. A lot of my friends who listen to NIN don’t like this because it’s just “too weird.”I love this album purely for it’s creativity. I must reiterate, though, that if you LOVED Broken just because it was a good thrash album, and nothing more, then stay away from this; it will give you a bad taste for NIN. This is their most extremely divergent album, but if you just give it a try, it will grow on you. On a final note, this is the domestic release. There is NOTHING track-wise different between it and the import version. May I suggest buying the US version first? If you’re not sure if you’ll like it or not, this is the way to go. If you DO end up liking it, and are the completist, you can always get the import later.

    Posted on March 15, 2010