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  • I’ve heard people bitch and I’ve heard people praise “Fixed” the 1992 follow-up to NIN’s EP “Broken”. Here’s the straight poo on what it’s all about. “Fixed” is the closest to pure industrial music Trent has gotten to. It’s not experimental, main-stream, or even understandable. It is an album about sound and emotion. “Broken”, when compared to other NIN albums, sticks out like a sore thumb due to its abrasive guitar, drums, and a noticeable absence of industrialized components which NIN is associated with. I happen to love Broken, it might very well be my favorite NIN album, but I must say “Fixed” is a musical masterpiece, not a flop. In all sense, the titles of the two albums should have been flip-flopped, for “Broken” sounds much more like a “Fixed” version of the songs. Maybe that’s what Trent had in mind when he named them. Always playing with our heads is he. However, this album is NOT for everyone. In order to appreciate this album you must also appreciate an abstract manipulated noise. This is the emotion Broken just couldn’t get across. It is a fine blend of mayhem meets harmony. I recommend “Fixed” to anyone who enjoys being taken into the music, not just listening.

    Posted on March 16, 2010