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  • Despite warnings about 4 years ago from a friend who told me not to buy it, I’m glad I blocked him out. This is quite a far cry from the normal NIN sound, but it’s quite an amazing trip. It’s extremely harsh and brutal. Coil’s mix of “Gave Up” speeds the whole thing up and adds an extreme amount of anger, which is wonderful. Thirwell aka Foetus’ remix of “Wish” is the longest track here, adding up to a whopping 9 minutes, and never loses it’s intensity. The Paul Kendall remix of “Happiness in Slavery” is my personal favorite here. Not much remains from the original song, but it’s a frenzy of wailing synth and screams with the everpresent beat still thumping away. The album takes a strange turn on “Throw This Away”. It’s INCREDIBLY subdued, well as far as this album goes anyways :) , and then just erupts into a remixed ending of “Last” from Broken. “Fist F*ck” is where Thirwell gets another shot at deconstructing “Wish” into such an incredibly bizarre entity of it’s own. “Screaming Slave” is one of those tracks you either love or extremely hate. It’s that simple. It’s a pure deconstruction of “Happiness in Slavery”.This is definitely not an album for the casual NIN listener. The whole album, if you can believe it, has a much rawer angrier feel than Broken. It’s probably a good album for someone into harsh abrasive sounds or industrial music. If you were into such NIN fare as “Closer” or “Head Like A Hole”, best odds are for you to stay away from this one and get “The Downward Spiral”, a much tamer excursion. Ahh… just listening to it brings back such memories…

    Posted on March 16, 2010