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  • I need to counter the mediocre and bad reviews of Fixed. This CD is absolutely worth getting. Broken is about as pure Trent Reznor as you can get and Fixed is a step beyond that. If you like Broken and Fixed, you like the real NIN.Gave Up is fantastic, perfectly disjointed yet still driving and aggressive. Then there’s Wish. It alone is worth the price of the CD. The original was great, this remix is life-altering. It’s violent, shrill, jarring, it takes everything that makes NIN what it is and cranks it up to the highest level.After Wish, the songs get more quirky and less “song-like”. This isn’t a bad thing, this is Trent Reznor. If you like things even more off-the-wall, the last few tracks might just be your favorites.Regardless, I consider Fixed and Broken to be the most NIN of all the NIN CD’s. If you really want to get inside Trent’s head and see just what the world looks like to him, buy these, jack up the treble, jack up the volume, then listen ’til your ears bleed.

    Posted on March 16, 2010