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Flesh & Blood

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  • Of the three Poison releases that were popular, which also include Look What the Cat Dragged In and Open Up and Say…Ahh!, Flesh and Blood is undoubtedly the best, catchiest and most developed. I might get beaten for saying this, but it’s a Poison record that can be taken seriously.

    At this point in their career, Poison dropped the lipstick (perhaps in imitation of Motley Crue, who did the same thing several years prior) and began mixing more intensity with their mindlessly catchy hair metal. This is evident in the brilliant hit “Ride the Wind,” as well as 80’s rock’s most underrated ballad, “Life Goes On.”

    They also began experimenting with new themes and emotions, such as in the angry “Come Hell or High Water” and the worldly “Something to Believe In.” There is even an acoustic guitar piece called “Swampjuice (Soul-O)”.

    Flesh and Blood also keeps consistent with Poison’s blues-based rock roots. This is obvious in “Let it Play” and “Ball and Chain,” not to mention the unforgettable “Unskinny Bop.” There’s something on Flesh and Blood to please every part of the band’s fan base.

    Anyone who likes hard rock should have Flesh and Blood in their CD collection. It is a monument to the potential hair metal had, and to how much fun it was. (Insert Aquanet joke here)

    Posted on February 10, 2010