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Flesh & Blood

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  • Poison tried to infuse their music with “serious” themes on this album, atempting to distance themselves from the glam-party goodtime rock that was their forte. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesen’t. Happily, on this album, most of the time it works very well. Some of CC’s best playing is featured here.Overall, this is not the type of material that Poison is known for, but it’s still damn good. Sadly, this would be the last of Poison’s major chart successes, as its follow-up, “Native Tounge” was a commercial failure, and the more recent “Crack A Smile” and “Power To The People”, while they are both really good albums, simply can’t compete for popularity with the legions of idiot rappers, boy bands and worthless teen pop idols that pollute the radio airwaves. And it’s really not fair, because if Kid Rock released a song like “Ball And Chain” or “Poor Boy Blues”, everyone would eat it right up. But if they know it’s poison, the automatic mentality that takes hold is that “It’s gonna be gay”. People should open their minds and give some different stuff a chance.

    Posted on February 10, 2010