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Flick of the Switch

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  • When this particular album came out, many pretty much gave up on AC/DC right there; if it wasn’t bells and cannons, those “fans” would have nothing to do with it. While definitely under produced and probably in need of more work than was put into it, Flick of the Switch is a back to basics, no-nonsense type of album. It was meant to be pure, raw, hard rock, so raw in fact, the album cover even gives the feeling of a bootleg.
    Again, it needs work. But they honestly, did not have the time; the record label basically said, “Ok, the tour starts on such-and-such-a-date; when do you think you can have an album ready to tour with?” Not only is that alot of pressure, but it doesn’t even give alot of time to come up with new material, let alone perfect it. When one understands both this factor, and the idea behind the album, one can begin to truly appeciate what it’s supposed to be.
    Trust me. The album’s worth the $10 it’ll cost you.

    Posted on November 20, 2009