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Flick of the Switch

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  • Ah, this old lost classic, even though i’m not what you would call a hardcore fan of this band, this album is definatly one of my favorite hardrock albums. i would pick this album over classics like “back in black” or “highway to hell”, in my opinon, “flick of the switch” is just as good as BIB. i am glad that they reissued this album and now it sounds better and has better packaging then the original did. this is often the ignored ac/dc album but i don’t know why because this is ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS AC/DC EVER MADE! malcolm young has even stated that he thinks “flick of the switch” is the bands most underrated effort. “guns for hire” is one of the best ac/dc songs ever written, this whole album is an electric shock, it is their most energetic album w/ songs like “this house is on fire” “nervos shakedown” “bedlam in belgium” the title cut, ect. you can’t go wrong by getting this, just a shot of pure rock!

    Posted on November 20, 2009