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Flick of the Switch

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  • By 1983, AC/DC were on top of the world. At that time, they sold over 20 million albums and have risen above tragedy following the death of their prior lead singer, Bon Scott. On “Flick of the Switch,” AC/DC produces the album themselves, ditching Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who worked on the band’s prior three records. While it doesn’t match up to those efforts, it still makes for a helluva fun ride. My favorite track is, no doubt, “Guns for Hire.” It’s a sample of classic AC/DC: loud guitars, a catchy chorus, a hook strong enough to sink the Titanic, and Brian Johnson’s nails-on-a-chalkboard shriek. “Bedlam in Belgium,” “Brain Shake,” and the pulsating title track are also fun numbers that show guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young at the top of their game. Compared to, say, “Back in Black,” this album doesn’t have the polish of Lange’s production and was rightfully billed as a “back-to-basics” release. “Flick of the Switch” is part of the final batch of reissues Sony has done for the AC/DC collection. There aren’t any bonus tracks, but the sound has been remastered and includes a booklet of photos and notes (Strangely, there are no lyrics. What’s up with that?). “Flick of the Switch” may lack surprises and new tricks, but it’s still an overall consistent CD. Even after 20 years, the “switch” is still on.

    Posted on November 21, 2009