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Flies & Lies

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  • I first heard cuts from Raintime through MySpace music and thought highly enough of it to buy the album and check ‘em out. One word: WOW! Incredible musicians with more drive and progression than most music in America today. The album rips and shreds from the very first track and never lets up. The more my kids and I listen to Flies and Lies, the more we love it.

    The only downer is when vocalist Claudio Coassin belches broken glass from his mouth when he attempts his ‘evil’ voice. I mean.. come on! He obviously has incredible vocal talent and can hit every note on the vocal spectrum, so he doesn’t need to belch the broken glass, really.

    Other than that, this is an incredible album and I would say a ‘must-have’ for all metal-head collections. I am seriously looking forward to future releases from these guys. They are truly under-rated and need more exposure in America. ROCK ON, RAINTIME!!

    Posted on November 29, 2009