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Flight 666 (2CD)

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  • Then buy this.

    In Febuary 2008, filming began on a documentary about the band Iron Maiden’s most adventurous tour ever- The Somewhere Back in Time World Tour. The documentary was titled Flight 666 and released into theaters for one night only (I missed it :( ). On June 9th, it was released on DVD and blu-ray, and along with it came a companion piece which was a 2 CD set, featuring all the recorded versions of the songs (plus 2) that made it into the movie.

    Well, I’m happy to say that this is the best live album ever! Just Aces High alone is enough to make up for the lackluster Live After Death. This album is truly amazing on every count!

    ACES HIGH (Mumbai, India)- After the churchill intro, the guitar intro begins, and then the band rush out on stage and give us one hell of a version of the song. Bruce’s voice here is AMAZING!!!!! No struggling, he hits the notes perfectly. And everything just goes well.

    TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (Melbourne, Australia)- This may be even better than the Rock in Rio version. The crowd are loud as usual, the band are really on fire here. Amazing!

    REVELATIONS (Sydney, Australia)- HOLY FREAKING CRAP. They slowed down the playing a bit from the LAD version- it’s a tad faster than the studio version, but only a tad. And Jan’s solo here sounds great!

    THE TROOPER (Tokyo, Japan)- Best, most chaotic, and heaviest version of The Trooper yet, plus we get some of Nicko’s blistering foot speed!

    WASTED YEARS (Monterrey, Mexico)- The third official live recording of this, and the best sounding one yet. H sings a bit during the chorus… he has a very unique voice. Definitely an amazing live version.

    THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST (Los Angeles, USA)- Best version of Number of the Beast ever. Bruce is ON FIRE. Plus H improvises a bit here, which is a bit strange but cool since he is the “one messed up note and it’s officially crap” guy.

    CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS (Mexico City, Mexico)- WAY superior to the Death on the Road version. Bruce sounds more up to shape here, and the solo is the best of any version of this song.

    RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER (New Jersey, USA)- The 13 minute epic. Way superior to the LAD version- No struggling Bruce here, plus to the slow and creepy part, some more cool creepy sounds have been added. Plus Bruce’s “RAAAAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!!!!” scream is… whoa.

    POWERSLAVE (Alajuela, Costa Rica)- WHOA. THOSE SYNTHS. They add a more powerful and desperate feel to it- amongst Bruce’s amazing voice. THis is the best Powerslave version yet, and yet the synths make it more powerful and add a tragic feel to the song, where you can sympathize for this pharoah as he’s about to die.

    HEVAEN CAN WAIT (Sao Paulo, Brazil)- I say this for everything, true, but BEST HCW EVER. Everything is up to speed, Bruce is on top of his game, plus the usual audience coming up on stage during the “WHOAAAAAA” part is awesome.

    RUN TO THE HILLS (Bogota, Colombia)- The anthemic song from Maiden has an amazing rendition once again, definitely awesome!

    FEAR OF THE DARK (Buenos Aires, Argentina)- The ultimate song for Audience participation… hearing this version brought back memories of the concert I went to. The band release us the best “Fear” yet!

    IRON MAIDEN (Santiago, Chile)- The 2nd best sounding on the album! The outro, as usual, is just incredible… I get shivers thinking about it!

    MOONCHILD (San Juan, Puerto Rico)- We never thought it’d happen, but it did- the opening track to Seventh Son being brought back to life! WAY better than both the Studio version and the Maiden England version, plus Jan’s solo is AWESOME.

    THE CLAIRVOYANT (Curitiba, Brazil)- Amazingly beautiful song, amazingly beautiful version too! I just plain love it. The 3 amigos do miss the guitar in the first couple seconds but then come back in, which I think sounds cooler. May be the best Clairvoyant yet!

    HALLOWED BE THY NAME (Toronto, Canada)- WHOA. IN TEARS AT HOW AMAZING IT IS. EVen futher, it was recorded in my home country of Canada! BEst HBTN for sure… everything is just plain perfect. “See you in the summer”… that’s true, I did see him (and them)- June 6th, 2008!

    So in short, this is Maiden’s best live album ever. Live After Death was cool, but THIS IS WAY BETTER. I listen to this album every day, and it’s bar none, the best live album ever!!!!

    Posted on February 13, 2010