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Flight 666 (Two Picture Disc Vinyl Edition) [Vinyl]

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  • Having listened to the entire set for the third time, I just can’t get enough of this amazing collection of metal classics. First of all, the setlist is unreal. For those of us who are old enough to have seen the original tour in 1984 – 1985, this brings back memories of a time when all things were great in the world of metal and hard rock!

    Up until now, Life After Death was THE bible on that era…but no more. These perfromances are just too good to ignore. Bruce is singing like he is in his teens but with a maturity that reflects one of the eras greatest vocalists.

    The three headed monster of Gears, Smith and Murray didn’t make sense to me at first and the studio recordings with the three of them had not convinced me. But here they shine like never before! The triple leads on “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” give me chills! INCREDIBLE!!

    Steve Harris is so solid you could set your watch by his powerful playing!

    But the real hero is Mr. McBrain. This is his greatest moment with Iron Maiden! The tempos are perfect, his playing is frantic and controlled at the same time. A feat not easily done. The power, the speed and the control are amazing to watch and listen to. He is 1000% better then on Live After Death and the band is better for it.

    Now I can’t leave out Kevin Shirley’s massive recording. Each player is easily heard in the mix but together create a wall of sound almost never re-created before. I love the background keys on the chorus of “Powerslave” it makes the whole song.

    This now ranks up there with KISS Alive, Live and Dangerous, Made in Japan and other all time classic hard/heavy live recordings of all time!

    UP THE IRONS…Maiden is once again the biggest metal act in the world…BAR NONE!!


    Posted on December 1, 2009