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Flight 666 (Two Picture Disc Vinyl Edition) [Vinyl]

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  • Flight 666 vinyl is truly stunning. The album captures their best performances and is a testament to how good they are live. Also, the pictures on each disc are extremely detailed and flawless.

    The sound is amazing, though a little on the bass end of the spectrum: Nicko’s drums are strong on this recording and really make listening a unique experience because you can clearly hear what he’s doing back there. Adrian, Dave, and Janick all have a clear and distinct sound making each one distinguishable while the newer added harmonies for the old songs cut through nicely. Bruce is upfront and clear as always. Steve’s bass cuts through and owns it’s own part of the e.q. spectrum which makes for a bit more bunch. I really enjoy the sound on the record and it is a pleasure to sit back, listen and experience the ’round the world tour entirely on LP.

    I saw Maiden at their last show in Ft. Lauderdale and I wish they would have added the extra material from the ‘09 set list to this live album. The way I see it, the more Maiden, the better. But that being said, There is plenty of music on this album. all the classics are here. It is truly awesome of Maiden to go out and recreate the Powerslave tour, film it, record it, allowing fans to relive those days while introducing new fans to their older material. Not many bands care about their fans as much as Maiden do and this is a gift to the fans.

    I recommend this record to any audiophile and music fan out there with a passion for vinyl. Maiden did a great job.

    Posted on December 1, 2009