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Fly by Night

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  • With the introduction of lyricist/drummer Neil Peart to the fold, this album takes a different turn than their debut.Lyrically, this album takes a stand (thanks to Peart) and musically it stands on it’s own, instead of relying on Zeppelin-like riffs (again, thanks to Peart).The album sees Rush heading into a more progressive rock direction and away from the blues rock that influenced the first release. Plus, the music is SO much more powerful here. The drums are air-tight, the guitars are heavy and Geddy’s bass licks are in overdrive.The album kicks off with four downright rockers before By-Tor’s mid section shows the band taking their first stab at extended musical compositions.The other half of the album is a bit more relaxed…sometimes a bit TOO much, like with “Rivendell” arguably their worst song ever. Peart’s mythological lyrics may have gone a bit too far with that one.However, Fly By Night, Making Memories and In The End show the band making music and breaking ground that is totally their own…not borrowed from anyone else. This trend would continue profoundly with the albums to come…This album is a MUST for any Rush fan. A definite highlight of their entire catalog.

    Posted on December 3, 2009