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Fly on the Wall

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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD – playable on all CD players) pressing. BMG. 2008.

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  • Ac/Dc was in a bad situation…after the mammoth sales of ‘Highway To Hell’ and then ‘Back In Black’ things cooled down with ‘For Those About To Rock’ and then took a nose dive with ‘Flick Of The Switch’ and the EP ‘74 Jailbreak’ a lesser band would have cut it’s losses and called it a day or made a drastic last effort to re-invent itself…but Ac/Dc didn’t do that…they wrote some of the best and catchiest songs of their career and called it ‘Fly On The Wall’
    Many people hate this CD but those are probably the same people who hate Bon Jovi and Poison and Def Leppard for actually being able to write memorable songs.Jealousy is an ugly thing. However,that being said…Ac/Dc didn’t sell out their ideals or even change their sound…all they did was write very catchy hooks and sing along chorus songs…lyrically speaking this album has the same themes that the band had since the beginning. This one is truly one of my favorite Ac/Dc releases…right up there with Back In Black,Highway To Hell and Dirty Deeds…it’s not quite as heavy the whole way through as say ‘Back In Black’ but it makes up for that in being more memorable and easier to sing along..the CD starts with the title cut ‘Fly On The Wall’ which right off the bat shows they still can rock with the best of ‘em…then onto ‘Shake Your Foundations’ which will absolutely have you singing along on the chorus…”First Blood” is more great heavy rock…then onto “Danger” which they released as a great video…(which also caused some people to bash them..but why can’t a great band release a well done video,huh?) “Danger” has the same kind of creepy vibe that ‘Night Prowler’ had…a great song that instantly catches you…then onto my favorite off this CD…’Sink The Pink’ truly a classic…a great song about the greatest subject in rock and roll music…women! This one has great lyrics,and a very sexy beat and hook to it…if you’ve ever watched a group of girls dancing to this song then you know what I’m talking about..Ac/Dc may not be the flashiest band in the world but the one thing they know how to do better then anyone in the world is write songs with beats for girls to dance and shake their butts to…and God bless ‘em for that! “Playing With Girls” more great lyrics and great song…’Stand Up’ a little bit heavier,feels like it might have been written back in the ‘For Those About To Rock’ sessions…great tune…’Hell Or High Water’ more great heavy rock…and then ‘Back In Business’ this song is awesome and should have been a single…this one is right up there with any of the songs from ‘Back In Black’…great heavy riffs..great screaming vocals from Brian…the feel is very similar to the stuff done on ‘Back In Black’ ..and then ‘Send For The Man’ which I think might be the weakest song on the CD but I’ve noticed that in a lot of cases Ac/Dc does save some of their weaker material as last…it’s still not a bad song…just not up to the rest of the CD….this is a great CD full of amazing catchy songs without wimping out on anyone…in fact,this is the one I would recommend to women to start out listening to Ac/Dc even before ‘Back In Black’ because I think the songs are just a little more accessible ..but guys can love it too…it’s one of my favorites and all rock fans should own this

    the upside – the most catchy Ac/Dc album ever..great songs..great production..and ‘Sink The Pink’ is included which is great to watch girls dance to! That alone makes it worth the price

    the downside – there is none

    the bottom line – All rock fans should own this…it’s almost a ‘how to guide’ to how to write heavy rock that is catchy without wimping out…to guys I would suggest starting with ‘Back In Black’ and ‘Dirty Deeds’ and ‘Highway To Hell’ and then move on to the rest of the catalog but to girls I suggest if you are new to Ac/Dc start right here…this CD rocks
    seriously all Ac/Dc fans and all rock fans should run not walk and buy this CD…donutman says so!!!

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  • Perhaps the most overlooked of AC/DC’s albums, Fly on the Wall was passed up because of bad production. People were too busy listening to pop and hair metal to realize that AC/DC was back, and what a mistake that was. Perhaps one of AC/DC’s best albums, it never recieves any credit because Brian Johnson’s vocals sound like they were sung in an empty barrel. Well the new remaster takes care of that enough so it’s not that noticeable. Besides with rockers like these who’ll take the time to nitpick every little detail apart. The album takes off with the title track Fly on the Wall. This song is quite possibly my favorite AC/DC song. The chorus mixed with the pumping vocals create quite a headbanging good time. Other rockers include Back in Business, Send for the Man, Playing With Girls, First Blood, and Shake Your Foundations. Sink the Pink is another amazing track with one of the coolest choruses, as Malcolm and Cliff join Brian to chant along. The only songs i don’t care for on here are Danger and Stand Up. Overall, this is AC/DC’s attempt to show that no matter what the musical taste is this year, they ain’t gonna change! and bless them for that.

    Posted on November 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have always liked this album. It’s too bad that this album was AC/DC’s most commercially unsucessful album. But there were many reasons for that factor. This album was released in 1985, In the very height of the whole “New Wave” sound. Groups like Culture Club, Duran Duran and Thompson Twins ruled the charts. Also in 1985, there were five major “phenomenoms” happening musically: 1. Madonna 2. Prince 3. Michael Jackson 4. Bruce Springsteen 5. Live Aid and USA for Africa. Now all this was good stuff and important to the time, but it really didnt leave alot of room for groups like AC/DC.
    Also in 1985 there was Richard Ramirez -”The Night Stalker” killer. He was a major AC/DC fan and brought the band alot of negative pubicity. Outside of that, I feel that this was AC/DC’s most ambitious efforts. They released a full lenghth video to go along with the album and the album itself had a different sound for AC/DC. The songs on “Fly on the Wall” are alot heavier than previous albums. Alot of times on this album, especially “Sink the Pink” and “Shake your Foundations” the sound borderlines KISS. All in all this is a good album and alot of fun, I give it an enthusiastic “thumbs up”!

    Posted on November 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that AC/DC were in the midst of a slump while recording the “Fly On The Wall” album which was originally released in June of 1985. The band had taken over the production reins for their 1983 predecessor “Flick of the Switch”, and they elected once again to not bring in an outside producer for “Fly…” which was produced by Angus & Malcolm. And as strong of an album as “Flick…” is, this one is even better.

    Yes, Brian Johnson’s voice had lost something by this point–his vocals here just don’t soar and rattle off the walls the way they do on the previous couple albums. Angus and Malcolm seemingly realized this, and responded by burying it in the mix somewhat, as well as using a lot of echo effects, and although Johnson’s screams are occasionally a bit grating, it’s a very minor quibble–he still adds greatly to the excitement level of the album.

    The album opening title track doesn’t get the record off to a promising start–it’s a real messy bashfest of a song. Once it passes though, you’re in for a hell of an exciting ride.

    Angus and Malcolm did a great job producing this–the guitars smoke, and the crisp-yet-booming drum sound works great. Sure, Simon Wright’s drumming is about as no-frills as it can get, but come on–fancy drumming has never exactly been a key factor with AC/DC.

    Mid-tempo hard rockers really don’t come any better than “Sink The Pink”–the intro has a great eighth-note guitar line from Angus that makes the arrivial of the chorus riff all the more thrilling, and the whole tune is brilliantly structured for maximum ass-kicking impact. “Hell Or High Water” and “Back In Business” are also mid-tempo ass-kickers with irresistible riffs. “Shake Your Foundations” has that ultra-catchy singalong chorus. The stomping “First Blood” has an irresistibly ‘dumb’ core riff that’ll get you banging your head in no time. The slow-paced “Danger” has an amusingly threatening vibe and is a ton of fun. The whomping “Playing With Girls” is an explosive funked-up boogie with a perfectly placed and gloriously unhinged Johnson scream at 1:58 of the track. The bluesy “Stand Up” is cleverly constructed and has an intoxicating, anthemic chorus. The album closes with the irresistibly moody stomper “Send For The Man”.

    In short, I’m really blown away by this album–it’s definitely one of AC/DC’s best. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be this great, but it is. Angus and Malcolm clearly didn’t give a damn about the trends in hard rock/ heavy metal at the time, and more power to them. “Fly…” has none of the lame, commercialized cockrock sound that turns up on the “Highway To Hell” and “Back In Black” albums. If you’re a hard rock lover, you can’t go wrong with “Fly On The Wall”.

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  • If memory serves me, the mid 1980s weren’t too kind to AC/DC. After a string of million selling albums, the band saw its sales decline, and it lost much of its thunder to more polished, radio-friendly groups (Van Halen, Motley Crue, Def Leppard). AC/DC could have jumped on a bandwagon, done the USA for Africa thing, and dabble with synths to be more “relevant” and “current” with the times. Instead, they released in 1985 “Fly on the Wall,” which stubbornly follows the same formula these Aussies have been using since the early 1970s. This release seems to get a bad rap in some circles, and let’s be honest: it won’t make anyone forget about “Highway to Hell.” Even so, it’s 40 minutes of pure dumb fun that makes for a wild ride. The singles “Danger” and “Sink the Pink” are obnoxiously loud anthems that have singer Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young doing what they do best: create catchy and head-banging rockers. Johnson’s voice always sounded like he swallowed a box of nails, but it sounds even more mangled on this CD. And the music, remastered with care by Sony, projects with aggressive force and sounds best when played at maximum volume. In retrospect, I think “Fly on the Wall” is one of AC/DC’s more underrated albums. While it ain’t no classic, it’s still a fun trip from one of the most consistent and likable bands around.

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