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Fly on the Wall

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  • I have always liked this album. It’s too bad that this album was AC/DC’s most commercially unsucessful album. But there were many reasons for that factor. This album was released in 1985, In the very height of the whole “New Wave” sound. Groups like Culture Club, Duran Duran and Thompson Twins ruled the charts. Also in 1985, there were five major “phenomenoms” happening musically: 1. Madonna 2. Prince 3. Michael Jackson 4. Bruce Springsteen 5. Live Aid and USA for Africa. Now all this was good stuff and important to the time, but it really didnt leave alot of room for groups like AC/DC.
    Also in 1985 there was Richard Ramirez -”The Night Stalker” killer. He was a major AC/DC fan and brought the band alot of negative pubicity. Outside of that, I feel that this was AC/DC’s most ambitious efforts. They released a full lenghth video to go along with the album and the album itself had a different sound for AC/DC. The songs on “Fly on the Wall” are alot heavier than previous albums. Alot of times on this album, especially “Sink the Pink” and “Shake your Foundations” the sound borderlines KISS. All in all this is a good album and alot of fun, I give it an enthusiastic “thumbs up”!

    Posted on November 26, 2009