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Fly on the Wall

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  • Perhaps the most overlooked of AC/DC’s albums, Fly on the Wall was passed up because of bad production. People were too busy listening to pop and hair metal to realize that AC/DC was back, and what a mistake that was. Perhaps one of AC/DC’s best albums, it never recieves any credit because Brian Johnson’s vocals sound like they were sung in an empty barrel. Well the new remaster takes care of that enough so it’s not that noticeable. Besides with rockers like these who’ll take the time to nitpick every little detail apart. The album takes off with the title track Fly on the Wall. This song is quite possibly my favorite AC/DC song. The chorus mixed with the pumping vocals create quite a headbanging good time. Other rockers include Back in Business, Send for the Man, Playing With Girls, First Blood, and Shake Your Foundations. Sink the Pink is another amazing track with one of the coolest choruses, as Malcolm and Cliff join Brian to chant along. The only songs i don’t care for on here are Danger and Stand Up. Overall, this is AC/DC’s attempt to show that no matter what the musical taste is this year, they ain’t gonna change! and bless them for that.

    Posted on November 26, 2009