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Fly to the Rainbow

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  • Okay, so “Ulrich Roth” doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as “Eric Clapton” or “Eddie Van Halen”…but don’t let that detract you from picking up a copy of what may well be the prototype “air guitar” metal album! The Scorpions may have arguably reached thier creative peak on what was only thier second effort. Although released in 1974, “Fly To The Rainbow” dates very well, particularly on some of the dynamic, well-arranged epic-length pieces, which would almost sound at home on a Queensrhyche or Dream Theater album. That being said, you also have “Speedy’s Coming”, one of the best side 1 / cut 1’s of all time, (right up there with “Baba O’Reilly” or “All The Way From Memphis”) which I’m sure has inspired some “Tom Cruise dancing on Mom and Dad’s sofa” moments for more than one of us! Ulrich Roth’s expressive and powerfully sonic lead playing should appeal to fans of Gary Moore, with whom I see some stylistic similarities. One of the rare metal albums that works for both “headphone” AND ” Hey…let’s share this with the neighbors!” moods.

    Posted on March 6, 2010