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  • There are so many amazing bands out there that I’m shocked that the most popular artists are the ones who’ve came out of American Idol. This band is great. Lacey Mosley’s voice is amazing, and the guitar is the kind’ve guitar that makes the music great without taking up all the sound. It adds to the music, and makes it sounds good, while not “standing out”. I’m not a music critic but that kind’ve playing reminds me of the grunge days when the guitars, bass and drums all kind’ve blended together and all the instruments sounded like one. You can definitely also see the 90’s grunge influence in this band, as apparently those bands had an influence on the lead singer. All the tracks on this album are great, and you can’t get a better deal with what it’s priced at when it also includes a DVD! And then it has the bonus acoustic tracks. This album is a must have.

    Posted on December 18, 2009