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  • First of all, Foghat fans never cared for what the critics did or did not say about Foghat. Secondly, Foghat fans never cared that the band did not get radio attention until “Fool For The City”. Finally, if you were tuned in to this band from the very start, which was this album, you knew you were on to something very different indeed. Most of us back then were expecting some kind of continuation of Savoy Brown boogie rock, since 2 core members migrated to this band. We were somewhat surprised at what we encountered when we dropped the needle on the vinyl for the first time back in ‘72. I personally was blown away and pretty much wore out my first copy. By the way, this one begs to be listened to on vinyl. It was mastered on good old magnetic tape and etched to acetate, and it deserves a good listen on a well-tuned turntable if you can find a pristine vinyl copy. The obvious attention getter “I Just Want To Make Love To You” has suffered Classic Radio meltdown, however, listen to some real gems like “Sarah Lee”, or “Highway (Killing Me)” if you want to be pleasantly caressed by Foghat’s early flexing of their boogie muscles. Their unique guitar styles and Dave’s vocal proficiency is evident on their debut. If you buy this album and you are disappointed, you probably aren’t really a true Foghat fan.

    Posted on February 23, 2010