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  • As I had just gotten used to being one of the only kid’s in my school who like Korn, this cd came out. I knew from then that this would be an instant hit. Korn had so much of a fan base building up behind them, it was only a matter of time before people started noticing them. Which is just it: Korn get accused of “selling out” by people that helped them build that popularity. Instead of actually taking time to look into the depth of this release, people look at pety values surrounding it. This album is an undeniable 90’s classic. It combines Metal with Rap and with a little bit of funk. Munky and Head work out their best guitar riffs yet on songs like Seed and B.B.K. Jon’s voice get’s more mature on songs like Freak on a Leash and Justin. Let’s face it, the band grew, both in popularity and in skills. Back in ‘94 this album could not have been made because of the maturity put into this that Korn hadn’t developed yet. One funny thing I thought of was, at the time of this release, everyone was listening to Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20 and crap like that. That stuff was mainstream. Korn broke in with an album that goes against every rule of mainstream, pave the way for every nu-metal band on the horizon, get rid of all the junk like the above mentioned and get accused of selling out and giving into the mainstream (mb20, 3rd eye blind)? Oh yeah, that’s right, cuz this album is *just* like a Third Eye Blind album, isn’t it? Korn didn’t give into mainstrean, they created an all new mainstream.

    Posted on February 8, 2010