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  • Let’s forget for a second that you saw them a million times on MTV. Forget that they “represent the birth of nu metal” and, with it, all that’s wrong with society in this day and time. Forget how it’s apparently cool to hate on popular bands that make it big time.
    The men of the KoRn have an ability to create a wall of sound kind of effect. 7-string Ibanez guitars, and a loud bass that makes for a secondary drum kit sometimes. And who could forget the uber catchy, constantly changing, tribal drumming by David.
    Try to *consciously* listen to any song in this album, and pay attention to what they do in the background. The small sounds, the subtle strumming here, a loud bass line there.. the constant change in rhythm. The breakdowns (yes, breakdowns, emo idiots).
    KoRn are as experimental and creative as they get.
    They may not be the most talented band in the universe, but they obviously put effort into not sounding repetitive, or boring the listener, and I appreciate that.
    Every song in the album is worth a listen, but highlights include “Freak on a leash” (duh), “Seed”, “Got the life”, and the awesome “Reclaim my place”.

    Oh, and another thing. Stop comparing them to Megadeth, or Metallica, or any other metal band of their time. They’ve never tried to sound like them, and that’s quite obvious.

    Posted on February 8, 2010