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Follow the Reaper

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  • Children of Bodom are continuously proving themselves to be among that absolute best in the melodic death metal genre. They seem to get better with every album. As fantastic as Hatebreeder was it needed a a few tweaks to be perfect. It seems like Children of Bodom found out just exactly what these were and tweaked away. The first major improvement is that Alexhi has finally given up entirely on those low notes, he could never properly sing them and it just put a damper on things, it looks as if he finally came around and admitted his faults. The guitar work is great like last time around, but it’s much more technically proficient in my opinion and has some really awesome solos. The keyboard is back and more powerful than ever. My favorite songs on the album are “Follow The Reaper”, “Children of Decadence”, and “Kissing The Shadows”. This is without a doubt one of the best melodic death metal albums of all time.

    Posted on December 11, 2009