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  • OK, first of all, I’ll admit that I’m the biggest fan of Death or Black Metal. Mainly due to the growling/screeching vocals. When a vocalist does that it tells me one thing. They they can’t really sing a lick in their normal voice. But from time to time I find a Death or Black Metal band that I can tolerate. And those are usually the Melodic Death or Symphonic Black Metal bands. Bands that constantly change up their song structures with symphonic keyboard elements or just various guitar riffs within the same song. In my 20+ years of being a Metalhead, I have only found a few that fit this bill. I guess my first Death Metal band was Schuldiner’s “Death”, back in the day. But more recently, I have found a few such as Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, and Amon Amarth.

    However, the most recent is Children of Bodom. Oh, dont’ get me wrong, I’ve heardx some of their stuff over the last few years, but never could get myself to get into them. Well, lately, I have decided to give them a try by buying their catalog. And despite the raspy screeching vocals, the music is darn good. Especially this album right here. I listened to it in my truck and I was blown away at the musicianship of this band. (I usually listen to my music on my PC through a set of Logitech THX 5.1 speakers.)

    Each song on this CD is killer. There wasn’t one filler song. Each song had its own hook, riff and keyboard backings that made each song unique. I really could run down each song as to how they rate, because I don’t pay that much attention to that kind of stuff.

    But for these 2008 re-issues, I will say this….the sound quality on them is outstanding. I’m thinking that they may have been remastered as well. I know Hate Crew Deathroll was. Every element comes through clearly. The bass is strong. The keyboards own and the guitars rule.

    Actually, I will also say this with regards to CoB in general. I’d say that about 70% of their songs are instrumental. Not instrumental as in no vocals, but each song is about 70% without vocals.

    Posted on December 11, 2009