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Foo Fighters

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  • The Foo Fighters self titled debut is really a Dave Grohl solo album. He sings, he plays guitars, he drums (duh). It’s his work, and it’s pretty impressive.

    So, does it sound like Nirvana? At times. “I’ll Stick Around” works the soft/loud formula into a perfect modern rock song. “Weenie Beenie” and “Wattershed” are cacophonous slices of punk that aren’t too far removed from some of Nirvana’s less radio friendly stuff.

    But Dave certainly has his own muse as well. “Big Me” is a breezy, bubblegum pop song that definetly wouldn’t have fit on any Nirvana record. He also ventures into power pop (the incredibly catchy “This is a Call”) and even jazz (mainly the opening verse of “For All the Cows”).

    Other highlights include the lush, dreamy “Floaty”, the raging rocker “Alone & Easy Target”, and the pensive “Exhausted”.

    Although “The Colour and the Shape” and “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” are slightly more consistent overall, this is a terrific album from a talented multi-musician.

    Best Songs: This is a Call, Floaty, Exhausted, Alone & Easy Target, I’ll Stick Around.

    Posted on February 22, 2010