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Foo Fighters

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  • Me: Thirty-eight year old with a fondness for the Beatles, Al Green, and the Sex Pistols.My son: Fourteen year old who pretends to like my music.Scene 1: He and I in the car with the radio on.(Fade in…”This Is A Call” is playing…)Me: Who is this band?Son: The Foo Fighters.Me: Who?(Long silence)Me: These guys aren’t bad.Scene 2: He, his friend and I delivering bags of leaves for the annual townhouse community clean-up. The radio is on.(Fade in…”Big Me” is playing…)Me: Is this the Foo Fighters?Son: Yeah.Me (noticing the bevy of eye-poppingly nice female teenaged units who have eyed our mini-van now that the sliding door has been opened and they can hear the music): Cool.Scene 3: I’m sprawled on the Lay-Z-Boy in the living room, in a stupor, watching a Saturday Night Live rerun.(Fade in: The Foo Fighters are rockin’ like it’s WAY PAST 1999)Me: Is this off that Foo Fighters album?Son: Yeah.Me: What song is this? It rocks!Son (smiles, knowingly): For All The Cows.

    Posted on February 22, 2010