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For The Love Of The Game

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  • A must have for any Pillar fan, every song is amazing, there are no fillars, don’t listen to any other review telling you otherwise, if you don’t get this album you will regret it! (Despite that, the best ones are For the Love of the Game, Reckless Youth, State of Emergency, and Smiling Down, in case you’re interested.) Amazing hard rock with everything there and above all a lifting and inspiring message in every song as Pillar continues to fight for the truth in Christ. You can not pass this one up!

    Posted on March 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I love Pillar, it’s virtually the only thing I listen to while lifting in the gym, but there aren’t enough songs on this album like “Bring Me Down”, “Crossfire”, “Echelon”, etc… several are great “For the Love of the Game” is one of them.

    Will most likely put the best hard songs on this album on a playlist with all of their other bests, “Fireproof”, “Bring Me Down”, “Epedimic”, etc..

    Jesus is Lord!!! and Pillar makes that known LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • My boys are back and ready to give you 9 anthems and 1 slow song that will make you cry. Most people didn’t like the reckoning, I did, but it was missing the WDWGFH anthems, this cd has returned to give it to you hard, and this cd is the closest to dc talk’s Jesus Freak with a bold message but could reach to Christians and Non due to the music. This cd will help bring you back to God, if your not a Christian and want to rock hard, you will still love this cd, Pillar is what the name means, HARD and Cannot be moved easily.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A decent album, albeit a little on the short side. Some good tracks, but it feels like it could have used another few months of writing and producing.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • With so many rock bands out there trying to come up with the next anthem tune, it’s nice to see that Pillar has returned to their anthemic ways with “For The Love Of The Game.” This time around, Pillar is rocking harder and heavier and still manage to squeeze in some melodic tunes. Unlike their two previous albums, the late 80’s/early 90’s metal and hard rock influences bleed through. I can hear a little bit of Def Leppard and a whole lotta Skid Row (especially in “Reckless Youth,” which borders on plagiarism). There are plenty of songs to shout to that beckon one to remember tunes like “Frontline.” Some of the highlights of this album include the title track, “Get Back,” “Turn It Up” and the wonderful “Smiling Down.” My personal favorite tune is “State of Emergency.”

    Hard rock fans will rejoice with this album and its sound so rooted in hair metal and hard rock. This is not only an uplifting album, but a great album to relieve stress to. Highly recommended to anybody who loves great hard rock, nu metal, and hair metal.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now