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For The Love Of The Game

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  • Honestly, I’ve never been a huge Pillar fan. I liked a number of songs off of their previous albums, but there were so many tracks that just didn’t appeal to me at all, like they were underproduced or just filler songs. I went to the Pillar website a little while back and they mentioned that they believed this would be their best CD yet, and in the past they had written songs just to fill out the CD. When I first looked at the case and saw there were only 10 tracks, I was a bit disappointed, but I figured as long as they were all good songs it was totally worth it. After all, its rare that I find a CD with that many good tracks on it. This CD makes it sound like it was effortless. Every song is great, there isn’t one song that I consistently skip. I can see people complaining about it because perhaps there is a lack of variety, but honestly, its different enough for me and this is exactly the style of music I love. If you liked Skillet’s Comatose album (whose previous albums I didn’t care much for also), I’m willing to bet that you’ll like this CD as well.

    Posted on December 5, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now