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For the Sake of Revenge

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  • The Good
    The DVD portion of this release highlights a sold-out show from Tokyo, Japan. I was instantly amazed at the size of the groups following, and the fact that they knew every word of every song. The stage is well-lit, and the band is in perfect voice and tone. Watch out for the double-kick drums and driving keyboards on the chant worthy “Misplaced,” because at the hyper-speed in which they come at you will stop you dead in your tracks. Tony Kakko’s vocals on “Blinded No More” are both emotional and enduring. Beautiful keyboard playing and audience clapping lead you into “Full Moon…” The track builds as each new instrument is added to the mix.

    Virtuoso guitar runs don’t get much faster than on “Victoria’s Secret.” It’s not about what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter! Off the top of my head I can’t remember what the “8th Commandment” is, but if it were to apply to Sonata Arctica, it must be `thou must shred to a manic drum beat.’ Kakko is joined by his fellow band mates (as well as the audience) for a harmonic chorus. Subtle arpeggio guitars set a mellow mood on “Replica.” The repetitive melodic chorus has one of those hooks that can’t be denied.

    Dual guitar runs command “Black Sheep’s” instrumental breaks, and fire-off with wind abandon during the solo. Sonata Arctica closes their set with the seven minute epic “The Cage…” It has everything you could ask for in a high-energy power metal number. For time purposes, five songs from the DVD had to be cut for the bonus CD. Included as bonuses on the DVD are a documentary of the tour (complete with subtitles), and a biography and discography for the band.

    The Bad
    The cursive writing on all of the print material was a little heard to read.

    The Verdict
    Where have these guys been hiding?! I know that the U.S. isn’t the most welcoming of power metal bands, but these guys kick ass! For the Sake of Revenge doesn’t just assault your ears with its impactful musical arrangements; it also widens your eyes as you lay witness to the energy and global appeal of this band.

    Posted on November 18, 2009