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For the Sake of Revenge

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  • This is the greatest freaking thing that I own! I’m not exaggerating. Sonata Arctica have been my favorite band for years now… But I cannot tell you how much I anticipated this DVD release. (Years before the concept was even in motion) But the bottom line is.. I would have been happy with Marco farting on a snare drum for all I cared.. I just wanted some legit footage of them in concert. So naturally I pre-ordered this product LONG before it was released. To my great surprise it was not only obviously carrying sonata’s seal of approval in quality.. but it is down right the best concert I’ve ever seen. The sound is UNBELIEVABLE.. Tony Kakko’s vocals are beyond Epic. Janni and Henrik are on the ball like never imagined. All in all it is absolute brilliance at it’s best. I’ve watched it about 10 times since it came in… (It’s been here for 3 days now. haha).

    Not to mention.. The boys have really released one hell of a generous offer here. Not only do they have the greatest DVD Concert video I’ve EVER had the privilage to see… But they also included the whole concert on an audio CD as well.. FOR FREE! Hell.. Brings me back to when I bought iron maiden’s rockin in rio CD… just to buy the DVD about 6 months later. Right on! All I can say is.. If you haven’t been a die hard sonata arctica fan for years.. You should seriously start catching up right now. They are clearly the all around best band on the planet and it’s about time they started getting the recognition they so desperately deserved.

    I’m happy to finally say that since they toured the states recently I had the epic privilage of seeing them in concert. My only complaint was that I couldn’t see that amazing show every week. The DVD certainly took care of that. Like I said.. it is most definitely my favorite possession. BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! LOOK AT THE PRICE!!! WTF IS THAT? THAT’S THE PRICE OF A REASONABLY PRICED CD! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? DID I DO SOMETHING RIGHT? IS GOD REWARDING ME? haha.. BUY IT! I kid you not… (Unless you’re a complete imbecile with the musical tastes of a deaf ghetto thug with down’s syndrome) you will absolutely LOVE this DVD/CD.

    I’d continue to brag about how proud I am of this release but I’m pretty sure it would all begin to sound the same. I’M JUST SO STOKED THAT I FINALLY HAVE IT! BUY IT!

    Posted on November 18, 2009