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For the Sake of Revenge

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  • It is impossible to stay sad, apathetic or lethargic while listening to Sonata Arctica. Their music is EXHILARATING! Their latest studio cd, ‘Reckoning Night’ is a perfect album – a masterpiece of extremely high-energy power metal, stunning keyboards, and emotionally evocative vocals.

    All of that is displayed to perfection in their live show. Yes, they actually did tour the US in fall 2006, and I was one of the lucky ones to see them in a small club in Texas. We met the band backstage – very nice guys! And Tony has the best voice in metal! He SINGS! Wow, such a rarity these days!

    This dvd captures the energy and totally does the band justice, as they are in their element in a large venue. You’ll see dualing guitar and keyboards and rabid fans, and experience the crystal clarity of Tony’s voice and the intensely high-energy yet achingly beautiful music. They take you higher, then higher, and when you think you can go no higher, they take you higher still. It’s hard to describe and you won’t understand until you experience their music.

    For new fans, this is a great way to be introduced to one of the very best bands around today. For existing bands, this is a MUST. There are no negatives. It’s a perfect live show.

    Posted on November 18, 2009