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Fear Factory’s 10 years of evolution has brought their art to a whole new level, making their newest creation one of 2001’s most anticipated albums. Limited edition digipak with 4 bonus tracks ’Dead Man Walking’, ’Strain vs. Resistance’, ’Repentance’ and ’Full Metal Contact’. 15 tracks. 2001 releaseFear Factory’s fourth album, Digimortal, finds the hirsute Los Angeles industrial-metal band happening on a theme that they’ve been alluding to throughout their existence. Digimortal is a concept album about the synthesis of man and machine, its 11 tracks serving up a mish-mash of screaming electronics and punishing low-end death-metal dynamics. Guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera served tenure in the none-more-metal terrorist troupe Brujeria shortly before the release of Digimortal, but straight-ahead metal antics have not dulled Fear Factory’s silicon edge; the scattershot riffage of ”Damaged” is undercut by furious, distorted synth-lines, and the hyper-tense ”No One” offers up sirens straight from the Chemical Brothers’ box of old-school rave machinery. While there’s nothing quite as startling as the title track from 1999’s Obsolete (which featured vocals from synth pioneer Gary Numan), the beatbox-based ”Back the F**k Up,” featuring Cypress Hill’s B-Real, stands head and shoulders above the ham-fisted rap-rock fusion peddled by many of Fear Factory’s peers. –Louis Pattison

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  • This album is the best Death Metal Album that I know!! And this double pack version is great!! The live album is very weel recorded!!

    A must have!!

    Posted on November 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you’re new to this group, then this is definetely their finest hour, I bought this rabid masterpiece more than a decade ago and I am still shocked at the power that it still has compared to most bands now, seriously, this album has it all!! From heart stopping double bass to churning arabianesque style rhythm guitars and vocals that will make you kneel and wide mouthed with astonishment!! It’s like a party in your ears and everyone made a pinata out of your eardrums!!

    Posted on November 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now